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What to Look For in a Wedding Photographer – The Basics

The Basics:: What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

People are always coming to me and asking, “Okay, we want to hire a great wedding photographer that is worth the investment, but how do we know we’re hiring someone good?” My answer is this: do your research! Be ambitious, be straightforward, and don’t be afraid to ask for and express what you want. There are many things you won’t want when hiring a wedding photographer, so make sure your photographer has the proper skills, equipment, and experience. There can be dangers of hiring someone who isn’t quite qualified and up to the huge task of photographing a wedding, putting your precious photos in jeopardy.

It always helps to ask, ask, ask! I personally never get tired of answering client questions. I not only expect it but I welcome it! Clients and potential clients can always feel comfortable to contact me with any questions or thoughts. Wedding photography is so much more than just pulling out a camera and snapping a few pictures of the day. It takes careful planning, effort, interest, ideas, and creativity.

Wedding Photographer Proficiency:: Technicality versus Creativity

Many variables are integrated when a photographer shoots a wedding. There are the technical particulars that photographers should be completely comfortable with, such as proper exposure, setting the correct F stop, knowing how to measure Depth of Field, finding the right Aperture, and so on. These are the fundamentals of photography and your wedding photographer should be well versed … Read More