5 Ways to Keep Your Violin in Healthy Condition

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If you don’t take good care of your violin, chances are it will produce poor sound quality over time. It’s not enough that you keep it in a case, you should perform some caring and maintenance tips in order to ensure it’s healthy condition. After all, a violin is considered as an expensive investment among other musical instruments.

Here are five ways to keep your beloved violin in perfect condition all year round:

  1. Wipe off dirt and other residues. Every time you finish practicing or playing your violin, make sure to clean it with a soft cloth. This is particularly important to prevent rosin residue from caking on your instrument. Make this a habit before putting your violin in its case.
  1. Loosen up the bow hairs. When you’re done using your instrument, don’t forget to loosen up the bow hairs. This is effective in preserving your violin’s lifespan. Do not touch the bow hairs or even polish them as it may damage the hairs.
  1. Tune your violin pegs. It’s not easy to tune pegs, but you need to perform this from time to time. Pegs that are too tight can be a danger as they may pop the string or nick your instrument. Therefore, tuning pegs is another skill to master if you own a violin.
  1. Store the violin properly. The best place to store your violin in is somewhere cool and dry. This will help lengthen the lifespan of your stringed instrument. In addition, direct heat can warp or expand the wood material so never place your violin under the sun. Also, acquiring quality violin cases is a must in keeping your violin in a healthy condition.
  1. Keep violin accessories in one safe place. Some of the most common violin accessories are tuner, carrying bag, stand, shoulder rest, and rosin. All these accessories need proper storage in order to protect them from harmful elements. After every use, put the shoulder rest inside the bag. Always keep your things in a dedicated place for next use.

Wrapping It Up

A violin in perfect condition is a highly useful instrument. Keep in mind these tips in keeping your violin clean and healthy in order to enjoy your practice and performance. No matter where you go, don’t forget to clean your violin before storing it in your bag. Remember to organize your accessories as well. They are important in your violin’s overall quality and functionality.

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