7 Effective Time Management Skills You Need

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To Adopt As An Event Planner In Dubai

Event Planning is a very tough industry and in order to survive, you have to develop simple yet effective time management skills. A great quality of a successful event manager is to use the time with the highest precision. In simple words, if you can control the time then you can control the event efficiently. I have seen event management companies in dubai, who closed the business in the very first year because of poor time management. Poor time management leads to disastrous events. So as an event planner, you should avoid this pitfall by improving your skills in time management.

Time management will make sure that everything is on track. In an event, so many parties take part like vendors, suppliers, music bands etc and if you are unable to manage their time then it will disrupt the process and it will affect the event.  As an event planner, you should know this trait and become a master of it. Event companies in dubai know the importance of time as time is equal to money. You have to organize big events by meeting the deadlines. If you are unable to meet the expectations of clients then you can’t progress in this field. Here are some tips that will help you to better manage your time as an event planner.

Make a Checklist of Important Tasks

It is very important to organize your most important tasks as per the priority. If there is a task of a higher priority then you should do it as a first thing in the morning. Don’t pending your foremost important tasks as it will create a major problem for you afterward.

Email Checking Time

Emails are very important to business and you should set a designated time to go through it. Checking emails early in the morning and before leaving the office is a good habit. Avoid checking emails after every minute to save time.

Reboot Your Mind

You will lose your productivity and health If you keep working without any breaks. The human body is also like a machine and it explodes if you don’t turn off the engine for some time. So it is better to take 5 to 10 minutes break after every 2 hours to let your body reboot. Let your body revive a little bit from the exhaustion.

Organize Your Desk 

It is very important to clean and organize your desk. A messy and unorganized desk will affect your productivity level. It can also increase your stress level as your mind will not think and work properly in a messy environment. So if you are working as an event manager then make sure you organize your desk before organizing the event.

Pursuit Of Discipline

It is not an easy thing to achieve but if you create discipline in your life then everything will be sorted out. Don’t waste your time on things that serve no purpose in your life. Don’t use the internet excessively,  most of the time to use it to get creative ideas or improving your craft. In a fast paced city like dubai, discipline is a quality that you needed the most. Doing event management business in dubai is not an easy thing and to beat the competition, you definitely need discipline in life.

Focus On At Hand Tasks

Sometimes people find it hard to say people No as they think they will disrespect the person. But believe me, people will respect you if you have the courage to say no.If someone asks you do some work but if you think you don’t have then say no or tell them you will do once you are available. Give importance to in hand tasks. Because putting all your energies and efforts in on hand tasks will give you the greatest results in business.

Turn Off Notification

Social media notifications are one of the biggest distractions in the modern era. Our lives are controlled by platforms like facebook,instagram and twitter. Try to use these tools to grow your business online.  Try to convert the distraction into the most powerful marketing tool ever. If you go through all reputed event management companies, you will found that they are using social media platforms to increase their brand visibility that eventually generates leads to their business. So instead of wasting time to chat with friends or watching videos that can’t add anything to your craft. I am not against using social media but i am against using it for no purpose. Use social media but wisely. If you are arranging corporate event Find here corporate events Dubai based company that will help you out in arranging corporate events.

Final Thoughts

Time management will help you organize the event management tasks in the most efficient way. If you go through all successful event organizers, you will notice that they all had developed excellent time management skills which eventually helps them to run business in the most proficient way. So if you are a aspiring event planner and want to establish your event company then above mentioned tips will help you big time.

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