Challenges Event Planners Will Face in 2020 and How Can We Overcome Them by Hiring an Event Production Company

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New Year, new opportunities, new challenges. Starting in 2020, event planners will be confronted with a whole new realm of difficulties while planning events.

Below are the major challenges, according to industry experts facing event production companies in Dubai planning in 2020, to help you recognize and overpass the challenges of the new year.

Providing meaningful experiences

“Further explanations for turning toward experiences and events to promote one’s brand or cause will be seen in 2020. It’s invaluable to get the right people in the room, to connect meaningfully about your brand with each other. When retail continues to move and evolve, we will see more technology and digital companies growing, it will become even more significant to have a “five-sense” methods to events. What we mean by that is integrating the five senses into the experience, making a memory for the visitors and creating brand loyalty. Beth Lawrence, CMP, Chief Event Officer at Beth Lawrence Meetings & Events

It’s all about Data and Security

“Trends are growing concerns around physical security (acts of violence, natural disasters) and data security with regards to the hacking of attendee data and traditional values to  GDPR. It is all about the data as well. Surprisingly, more companies do not make deep dives into measurements of events. We must make an objective, meaningful decisions to guide future event investments as we capture more data. We also see the image of artificial intelligence. An announcer can be on stage face to face with the audience to see their expressions in real-time. The announcer can see on the confidence monitor the audience responses and amend their presentation accordingly to have the best impact. In addition to measurement, growing levels of technology being used to encourage the knockout factor.” Harris Schanhaut, CME



2020 is the Year of Innovation

” 2020 will be a revolution year— from technology to cloud-based platforms and applications that transform our way of communicating and working together. For instance, for directional signage, we are working on these awesome LED posters right now. They are bright, lightweight, thin and portable. Then, of course, they can be reused. Next year, hopefully, the expense will decrease. Statically, the normal number of connected devices in 2020 will be 6.58 per person. Planners will have exponential growth and opportunities. We use multiple online project management tools, and in terms of their usefulness on a mobile device, they have come a long way. That’s just going to get better at a fast rate. Carol A. Galle, CMP, President/CEO at Special D Events. Event management companies in Dubai are helping people around the UAE from years and in 2020 these companies are providing their services at best level as these companies are equipped with all the latest technologies.

New Technology

“Technology is constantly developing and new trends are to be revealed. Some of the top technology trends in the meeting industry are chatbots-artificial intelligence used as hotel guest concierge, facial recognition-biometric authentication, augmented reality, and virtual attendance that permits people to attend events distantly. There has also been a substantial growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) where you can collect more special moments of valuable data about your attendees. There are problems today, of course, with these latest trend challenges. The biggest concern for facial recognition is identity theft. Other problems to these trends contain security concerns, privacy, data theft risk, and customization.”-Chandra Major, Purchasing Power CMP


Throughout 2020, technological advances and shifting attendee expectations should begin to redefine current trends in the event industry. These events are going to be front and center for planners. If you can capitalize on event production companies, each presents its unique opportunities in the year ahead to maximize revenue, commitment, and success in the year ahead. Bringing these trends to life with simple tools for event management.

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