Fantastic things to do with your digital photos

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Our smartphones and computer hard-drives are jam-packed with photos. From sunsets, fun with friends, family gatherings, funny sights, to selfies, those photos are mostly never seen by you again nor your friends and family.

If photography is your hobby, or if you’d like to make use of the fun photos you’ve taken, there’s no better thing to do than to print them out.

If you’re looking for a reputable photo printing company to help you bring to life your photos in ways such as greeting cards, mugs, wall art, we recommend you to check out the Colorland calendars for inspiration. Get even more ideas from reading reviews about photo printing companies.

Here are some of the most fantastic ideas for you…

1) Photo Books:

Sadly, we’re not printing our photos as often as we used to 10 or 15 years ago. With digital photography, we’ve pretty much left our photos on our memory cards, phone’s photo album app, and in files on our computer. However, printing a photo album will bring more memories flooding back, show your latest holiday, or just showcase your best and most treasured photos. There are apps you can use to quickly create a beautiful photo book that you can then simply send to a photo printing business to roll out for you. They also make for splendid gifts.

2) Photo Calendars:

Everyone loves calendars. Whether it be hung in their studies, office, or kitchen back door, a calendar is practical. With your photos, you can share your best images as a calendar. You can select your best 13 photos (one for each month and a cover image), e-mail the digital files to a photo printer to create a lasting treasure.

3) Greeting Cards:

Sending friends your favourite photos as greeting cards will be sure to make them happy. Why not create a special one for your partner on Valentine’s Day or a family photo for Christmas? Perhaps you have some wonderful images that you’d like to turn into greetings cards to send your friends on their birthdays? Making these is super easy – there are loads of apps to help you quickly and professionally create greeting cards.

4) Customised Smartphone Cases:

You’ve seen hundreds of smartphone protective cases in shops. Why not use one of your photos to create a unique case? Photo printing companies can help you do that. It is a fun project that you could even turn into a side hustle to earn a little extra pocket money by selling them online.

5) Videos:

Sometimes you might not want to create a traditional printed photo album. Once again, a smartphone app can transform your photos into moving images and slideshow for a wonderful video. Select your favourite song to accompany the video, and you’ve got a show piece.

6) Trinkets:

Apart from smartphone cases, you can also turn your photos into eye-catching coasters. Photo printing companies can arrange for your photos to be printed on coasters. These would make for great gifts, too.

7) Wall Art:

Printing your photos on canvas blocks truly transforms your image. They immediately stand out as special and they’re great for decorating a room or a home. You can print them into pretty much any size to fit any wall space. You can also display your favourite photos just as they would appear in a photo gallery or museum for friends and family to enjoy, also.

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