Get Crafty this Christmas

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There is so much that can be handmade at Christmas, it really is a time for craft enthusiasts to go crazy! Whether you love to draw, paint, sew or knit – you can get busy with creating your own decorative items or make unique gifts for loved ones. Here are some ideas in case you need some inspiration:


Add some luxurious comfort to your Christmas decorating this year by creating some easy-to-make Christmas cushions. Follow straightforward step-by-step guides online if you’ve not done this before and choose from a wide range of beautiful Christmas Designer Fabrics at

Get Crafty this Christmas

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If you’re left uninspired by the selections available in store, then why not get some crafting bits together and design your own Christmas cards this year for those special friends and family members. Receiving a handmade card will always mean more to the recipient as it shows how much you care and the effort you’ve gone to.


There are tons of guides and ideas online for making all manner of Christmas stockings to hang in your living room or child’s bedroom. There are no-sew and sew instructions so pick whichever one suits your skills best. The no-sew idea is a good one to do with your kids. Be as simple or extravagant as you like. You could include lace, burlap, felt or wool and opt for a classic or funny style.

Get Crafty this Christmas

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Soap in a gift basket is a lovely gift idea for a female friend or family member. Handmade soap is even better. Soap is easy to make, you can choose a wide variety of scents, different shaped moulds and you can even add a touch of glitter sparkle. Wrap in gorgeous box or pretty floral paper complete with bow and you have a gift that looks and smells good enough to eat!


Why settle for shop bought when you can choose the exact design you want by making a wreath yourself. The bases are easy to come by in craft supply stores, then choose the decorations you want. You could include greenery, berries, sprigs, snow-topped flowers or lots of sparkle. Your front door will be the most festive in the street.


Looking for something to hang across a wall or fireplace to add to the festive cheer? Do-it-yourself upholstered banners look amazing and will last for many Christmases to come. You’ll need some thick letters, enough fabric to cover all letters, quilt batting, a staple gun and some ribbon or string. It sounds hard, but instructions can be found online and it’s simpler than you might think. If you have the time and energy to make additional letters, the banner can also be adjusted for use on birthdays and other special occasions.

Mini Tree

If you’d love to have more than one tree but don’t have the space, then create a mini tree using evergreen clippings arranged in a glass vase. Use wire to hang small baubles and any other decorative items that will fit, change the water every few days and hey presto, a stunning mini tree for any room of the house.

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