Katie Price ‘considering even more surgery’ despite Bride of Wildenstein warning

Katie Price is said to already be shopping around for her next round of cosmetic surgery despite warnings from friends that she’ll end up looking like the Bride of Wildenstein

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Katie Price compares herself to horror film after face surgery

Katie Price is reportedly thinking about getting even more plastic surgery despite warnings from friends that she could end up looking like the Bride of Wildenstein.

The 43-year-old recently jetted off to Turkey – while it was on the red travel list – for a string of procedures, including full body liposuction, a ‘fox eye’ facelift, and fat injections in her bum.

She revealed afterwards that she’d been scared she might die during the procedures because she lost a lot of blood.

Katie, who has always been open about her relationship with plastic surgery, even shared a no-holds-barred look at her procedures on YouTube.

Katie is said to be considering more surgery



The video included Katie saying she looked like something out of a “horror film” as she recovered from her surgeries.

And it’s said that her friends have warned her that if she keeps going she’ll end up looking like the Bride of Wildenstein.

That was the nickname given to American socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, who’s appearance famously and dramatically changed to become more cat-like.

She was also nicknamed Catwoman and The Lion Queen, but denies having any plastic surgery, citing her Swiss heritage for her appearance.

Katie recently had a string of procedures in Turkey



Jocelyn Wildenstein in 1998

A source told New magazine that Katie is already thinking about more surgery, even though her fiancé Carl Woods is “really against it”.

They said: “He’s told her she doesn’t need it. He doesn’t get why she wants it, who she’s doing it for. She tells him it’s for herself – it’s not for anyone else.”

The insider added: “Katie goes on surgery sites and is always looking for ideas, things to get, surgery wise. It’s like shopping for a new look.

“She’s only just recovering from her latest round of procedures. Pals have warned her that id she doesn’t stop she’s going to look like the Bride of Wildenstein.”

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Katie and fiancé Carl


Instagram/ @carljwoods)

They said that Katie’s friends can’t believe she still wants to have more work done, but that she won’t listen to them.

Her representative told the Mirror: “‘Considering’ is not having or planned, Katie has always been more than open about her views and on surgery, most recently sharing her last procedures on her YouTube channel.”

Katie also recently revealed her cracked and bleeding lips following a ‘Russian filler’ treatment designed to plump up her pout.

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