Katie Price’s son Harvey ‘mocked in cruel texts by 8 police officers as Met launch probe’

Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey was allegedly mocked by eight police officers in cruel texts, with the cops now being investigated

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Harvey Price whizzes around Mucky Mansion grounds on new scooter

Katie Price’s son Harvey was allegedly mocked by a group of eight police officers in “cruel” texts.

The officers, who are based at Bexleyheath police station in South East London, are currently under investigation, accused of posting racist and sexist jokes, bullying a female co-worker and mocking black suspects.

Officers were brought into a meeting with senior command once the messages came to light last March.

A source said: “They’ve been putting sick jokes in there, pictures of black criminals, but some of the worst stuff was taking the mickey out of Harvey Price.

“There are a lot of messages about him, I’m told.

Harvey, 19, is blind and has autism and Prader-Willi syndrome



“These are the people who are supposed to be looking after us and are supposed to be out in these communities.”

The eight officers have been placed on restricted duties while the investigation is being carried out, the Daily Mail reports.

Harvey, 19, is blind and has autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, which causes learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

The Metropolitan police confirmed that the Department of Professional Standards was investigating allegations that inappropriate material was shared by officers in a closed WhatsApp group.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that an investigation had been launched

A Met spokesperson said: “The DPS is considering whether the material constitutes a breach of standards, specifically whether there is any evidence of discrimination relating to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief and disability.”

The DPS is also looking into an allegation of bullying involving a female employee.

The Mirror has contacted a representative for Katie Price and is awaiting comment.

Harvey has been the victim of cruel trolling in the past, and his mum Katie has campaigned to have the law changed to hold trolls to account.

She has been spearheading a campaign against online trolling, which she is calling Harvey’s Law, with the aim of criminalising social media abuse.

Harvey has often been the victim of vile trolling online

Last year, a video of a couple mocking Harvey went viral, with one half of the pair wearing blackface.

Katie slammed the video as “disgusting” and “racist”.

In recent months, Katie has joined the campaign to urge social media sites to ask for proof of ID when setting up accounts.

This campaign argues that trolls will be more easily identifiable, which will make it easier for them to be held to account.

In March, she wrote in The Independent: “I’ve seen Harvey mocked and belittled since he was a small boy, because of his disabilities, and because of his race.




“Now that he’s 18, he understands that the treatment he receives from strangers is cruel and unfair. He’s said it himself: ‘People are horrible to me.’ As a mother, that breaks my heart…

“We have no other option: to make the law work, we need to remove people’s anonymity online to ensure that users cannot cause harm by using online platforms to abuse others.

“As a family, we have experienced the worst kind of abuse imaginable towards my sweet and disabled son – and it’s my mission to make sure that no one can hide behind their crime, or an anonymous social media profile.

“Where an offence has taken place, they ought to be easily identified, reported to the police and punished.”

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