The art of literature and how lucrative it can be with the right publisher

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The publishing industry is very complex. Depending on the choice of a publisher the outcome of your published book may vary.

The same way you may want to become a professional lawyer, but does that mean you go representing someone in court? Or become a partner at a leading law firm? This blog’s intention is to guide you to getting your literature published and you earning from it.

Although publishing has become more complex over the years especially with Amazon getting in the publishing industry, it has created a lot of avenues for those wishing to get published. Knowing what to expect from a publisher will help you with choosing the right route to follow.

Partnering with known publishers

To turn your literature into valuable publications consider partnering with renowned publishers like Penguin HarperCollins RandomHouse or Barton Publishers. These publishers can publish, market and sell your published works to the world. They are backed by huge and stable financial resources.

These big publishers are always on the look-out for something new to publish. Depending on the quality of your manuscript, an upfront cash advance will be paid to range between $5,000 to over $100,000. You will then earn royalties from the book’s sale if they are sufficient.

Apart from signing the cheques, a publisher will push the sales of the book. Publishers will edit the manuscript to fix errors like typos before printing. Publishers design the cover of the book for either hard-cover e-book paperback or audio. Online publishers like Barton Publishers will promote e-books by publicizing them through deals of the day on their website.

Remember, there are many writers looking to get published so ensure your manuscript is the best because publishers will only buy the very best.

Get a renowned Literary agents

Literary agents have links to big publishers. Chances of getting published are higher when you partner with a renowned literary agent. Most agents don’t charge an upfront fee to have your work published. Agents earn their 15% commission on sales made.

Other than pushing sales agents will negotiate better contracts, look for different publishers to make offers on your literature work, and many more benefits. If a good agent offers you their services, don’t hesitate to accept them.

It doesn’t matter the literature you want to be published – most publishers will publish the manuscript presented to them provided it’s good and there is a potential of making money from it. So, write your best and hope for the best.

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