Tips for Enjoying the Art & Culture of Large Cities on a Budget

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Tips for Enjoying the Art & Culture of Large Cities on a Budget

Do you have a trip to New York or Washington DC on your bucket list but are intimidated by the potential cost? If you’re a lover of food, art & culture, the large urban areas are no doubt enticing. They are not out of the realm of possibility even if you are working with a limited budget. Because large cities serve a huge range of citizens on every end of the economic spectrum, accommodation and transportation options also tend to represent nearly every price point. If your goal in travelling to a large city is to marvel at the art and culture, don’t underestimate the incredible examples of art available to admire for free. Architecture in large cities can be truly spectacular representing nearly every genre. Spend time conducting research online to uncover the venues that best showcase the art form the design and period that most interests you.

The earlier you book your accommodations and transportation, the greater selection of lower rates you’ll have from which to choose. While driving to a large city may seem like the most economical choice, costs for daily parking in the city center can often be prohibitive. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and booking one of the many Motel 6 properties which tend to be located on the out skirts of major metropolitan areas and offer very attractive rates. These properties also often provide parking free of charge. Check to see how close the metro and bus stops are as you will no doubt be spending the majority of the day in the city enjoying the fantastic artwork. Many of the larger museums offer discounts for weekday entry. Take advantage of these and you can save substantially. While conducting your research of which museums and galleries to visits, don’t discount the smaller, lesser known venues as they often have hidden treasures from artists that have yet to hit the national stage.

Finally, plan to take advantage of the restaurants on the outer edges of the city close to your hotel. Those establishments in the city center that cater to tourists tend to be very pricey and often don’t offer the best food and service but manage to produce hefty bills. Stop by a grocery store for a quick and healthy lunch while out and about and load up on water and snacks. Plan to carry a backpack to carry these snacks and water while touring. Have a grand time visiting the urban area of your choice and enjoying the art venues on a budget.

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