What Makes A “Good” Conspiracy Podcast?

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Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theories are everywhere, and it isn’t hard to find podcasts about them, but, there are significant differences in the good ones and the bad. When you listen to them, you can find easily that some people are pulling the theory almost out of thin air and ignoring facts about the situation to have their thoughts. Then some actually are convincing because they are pointing out locations where the facts don’t add up and where there was no truly given the answer and no great answer for them.

What to Look For

The best conspiracy podcasts are made of people pointing out when there are no right answers and when the answers that were given have holes in them. But finding them without going through everyone’s is incredibly hard to do because what would you look for without listening to them.

Narrow it Down

Well, the first step is to narrow down the list by searching for the subject you want to listen about. After you have found the topic you want to listen to, then it is time to go ahead and look at the reviews of the podcast. Don’t just look at the stars the study has, but you should also look at how the reviews are described. The language used in the review will tell you if the report is credible as well so that you can choose if it will be a good fit for you or not.

After having a list of podcasts that are of the subject and are a good fit for you then you should go ahead and try to narrow it further by the author of the podcast and if they have anything that would make them credible. Those with degrees are unlikely to come out with theories unless they have some proof that can back them up.


The final step in finding the best conspiracy podcast is to look at your budget because they are not always free, and many of the great podcasts can cost a lot of money. So you really should look at your budget and find what will fit into that as the cost can add up, and if you are doing this for fun, then you should make sure that you have control over the cost of the podcast and know what you are getting for your money.

When you get a series find out how long of a series that is going to be right from the start so that you know how long it will be before you are going to be searching for another podcast. For example if one podcast is a good fit and is cheap that is great but not if you will need to get another series in a month whereas if there is one more expensive but will last you a year then it is time to ask yourself if that will be worth the money over the cheap one because you will be able to go so long without getting another.

Find the Right Conspiracy Podcast

There is no wrong answer as long as you are careful to be listening to someone who actually has some facts to back them up and provide some proof while they are talking about the theory instead of just listing off their own thoughts while ignoring the events that are right in front of them about the situation as no one wants to waste their money on someone that has no real idea about what they are talking about and are willing to ignore the reality of the situation.

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