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Remember when you bought that apartment you live in today or the house that you built with your own hands? Remember how happy you were about the perfect room for a private art gallery. It’s time to make your dream come true and fill the walls with your favorite pictures. It’s time to place a comfortable chair and enjoy some fine drink while admiring the paintings.

The only problem is getting the paintings you love so much. You’re aware that you probably won’t have any originals from your favorite author – Gustav Klimt. The God of the Vienna Art Nouveau movement is being sold in hundreds of millions of dollars. You can’t find that kind of money and even if you could, no one just sells Klimt on the local market, right? Here’s a list of Klimt’s most famous paintings: https://historylists.org/art/list-of-10-famous-gustav-klimt-paintings.html

The most expensive Gustav Klimt painting, Wasserschlangen II also known as Freundinnen II was sold for $183.3 million. The translation of the piece would be Watersnakes or Girlfriends. It’s an amazing picture that Klimt painted from 1904 until 1907. This particular one is not even close to the artworks he did and are most famous. If some of his most famous work went on the market it will easily surpass the most expensive painting ever sold, the Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi that reached a price of $450 million.

The problem with these paintings is they are not for sale. They are priceless. For example, the most famous Klimt painting – The Kiss is owned by the Austrian gallery Belvedere which is a museum in Vienna. Among the hundreds of other paintings, The Kiss is considered the most valuable painting inside and thousands of tourists visit the palace just for this particular piece. See more about The Kiss on this link. The museum owns another earlier Klimt’s painting called Judith so it is a Mecca for all Gustav Klimt’s fans.

Since there’s no way to own an original, it’s time to go for plan B. The plan B is called creating paintings that are exactly like the originals but are not original. Today, a whole industry of painting famous paintings is developed everywhere around the world. A lot of people wish to have their own gallery but are unable to get to the originals, so they paint replicas.

Of course, not all of us are skilled and talented painters, but professional and educated painters do this for us. For a small fee, they make copies that are 99% the same as the originals. When it comes to Gustav Klimt’s “Kiss” that we mentioned, it’s impossible to be 99% precise, because the painting is made from oil on canvas, but with added silver and gold leaves. This makes it impossible to make an exact copy. However, a good artist will do this by a good combination of colors.

When it comes to Gustav Klimt, it takes a very skilled painter to make a good copy. There are many studios making this kind of work, but not all of them are good. One of the best studios for recreating Klimt’s work is this one on the following link: https://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Gustav-Klimt/Gustav-Klimt-oil-paintings.html

For a small amount, you can make a great art gallery at your home. Just choose the paintings you love the most, choose the size you want for each one of them and make the order. For a few thousands of dollars, you can make a fabulous collection and become an owner of a personal Gustav Klimt exhibition.

Just remember to find a good painter before you order. Even in the same studio, not all painters are equally good in painting pieces from different authors. You can check their work online, or ask for a professional portfolio. Usually, you will be advised at the studio which artists will make the best Klimt. Some painters know how to copy his style, while others are better in other painters’ style.

In the end, you will have a gorgeous mini art gallery. You can invite your friends, make glamorous parties or just enjoy an evening the way you want it best – enjoying with the works you love the most.

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