5 Movies that will motivate you to work on yourself

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. Films have always been a great source of inspiration for many people. While not everything may have a happy ending like in a movie, if you see other people’s experiences, it can kick you into achieving your own dreams. These stories, whether true or just well presented, can inspire and encourage every one of us at any stage in life.

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1. Social Network

There is no doubt that “The Social Network” became a worldwide blockbuster after its release in 2010. Everyone wanted to see Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student, becoming the founder of the most popular social network on the planet. A lot of US-Reviews praised the movie. It shows that if you want to start something big, you need to be flexible and adaptable in different situations.

2. Yes Man

When a divorced, depressed Carl attends a motivational seminar and begins to say “yes” to all occasions, his life turns 180 degrees. Until then, he was constantly at home refusing all invitations from friends. Then he would start learning Korean or buys a ticket and go on a spontaneous trip. The film has a clear message: do not be afraid of change and seize new opportunities!

3. Secret

It is a film documentary about the law of attraction. This law says that our thoughts, consciousness and subconscious have a great impact on our lives. We attract to our lives the things we focus on the most and put emotions into them. The film will show you how to start thinking positively and adjusting your mind to visualize what you desire into your life.

4. A Walk to Remember

There are two kinds of people in high school: the favourites – and the weirdos. Landon is one of the most popular ones. He just hangs out with his friends and has no plans for the future – also because he doesn’t believe in anything that much. On the other hand, there is the pastor’s daughter, the conservative Jamie, who is constantly being ridiculed. However, the journeys of these completely different people meet, which turns Landon’s life upside down. Because of his encounters with Jamie, he also becomes an object of satire, but more than his reputation, he suddenly begins to care about the moments spent with his charming classmate. In addition to beautiful moments, he also finds out and realizes that nothing lasts forever.

5. Freshman Father

The film is based on a true story, which adds even more respect to this story. It is a film where the protagonist has a huge desire to fulfil his dreams despite the unfavourable circumstances that meet him. Two high school students, John and Kathy, find out that they are expecting a baby together. But John has always longed for Harvard, so he decides to continue his studies. When the baby is here, he must handle the role of a single father and also a tough school. Many young people have trouble graduating from university even without any problematic conditions, which is why this real story is a strong motivator for everyone.

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