Things to Know – How do Mentalists Work?

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Magic shows are not just for kids. In fact, countless adults are also a big fan of famous magicians or mentalists such as Harry Houdini, Penn Jilette, Raymond Teller, David Copperfield, Apollo Robbins and David Devant to name a few. When an adult watches a magic show, you might be thinking that these individuals will not be tricked as compared to kids. But the fact that you believe these performers and being amazed with the show – makes you no difference with kids.

Deep inside your mind, you sure are thinking how do mentalists work and come up with unbelievable performances.  These people will not go to the stage and face everybody if they are not ready. It took them years to practice and master everything that you have witnessed either an illusion, magic or trick. Why would they show something that you won’t believe, anyway? Of course, they will not allow themselves to give you an unprepared masterpiece.

If you often watch magical shows and illusions, you will find them showing the same things, right? But these mentalists would not like you to get bored. That is why, they keep on practicing to show different stunts. They will not only focus on what you have already seen. When they are already famous, they show new things because they fear that their career might fade soon. That is how they keep their profession as a mentalist.

Their Lips

Many of you believe that mentalists can read minds. Actually, these people are just too smart that they can read from your lips and not exactly what is in your mind. Though if you are going to look at how things are, it is as if they have actually read your thoughts.

As professionals in this field, they have their own ways of guessing what you are about to utter. Let’s say that they are too fast as far as observing is concerned. You may even refer them as a genius because they can guess things correctly.

Do you know that when they read your lips, they also talk to you and ask you other things? That is a technique that they do to catch what is actually you are thinking. Since, everything is happening fast, you will not even recognize that you have already told him the clue. As future mentalists, you might want to know more about lip reading.

The Body Language

Another powerful skill that a mentalist use when they are working is the body language. This acts as a tool to find out or to confirm, if you are right about what they are thinking. Again, you are not really asking her to speak out what is in her mind because you as a performer, must be able to guess what is in his mind.

What you are just trying to do here, is to study his body language. When you are guessing something that is right, then how does this person react? Through this observed movement, you will be able to get a confirmation without the person noticing you that he was being observed and tricked.

Cold Reading

A skill that mentalists or psychics use is the cold reading. They use this skill when reading people in a particular space or room. In this situation, people will think that you know them so well. Unfortunately, they know nothing because everything is just a trick or an illusion.

With this trick or skill, the audience is manipulated. They are actually asking you general questions and it seems like you are thinking that he is only pertaining to you. After realizing the questions, you will be saying that such questions also apply to everybody. Go to and you will see how cold reading happens.


A clever mentalist often uses misdirection as a tool to control the outcome of their performance. He must be good enough for the audience not to realize that everything was just manipulated. With this technique, the mentalist will take advantage of your brain’s capacity and limitation.

Through this skill, you will be able to distract your audience away from reality. They will then be thinking that what is happening is magic. The audience was deceived and the trick is happening. He can control the situation and will let your mind to focus only on what they want you to see – that is your mind’s limit that is being used.

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